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Myrna Shiboleth, Shaar Hagai

Canaan Dog Clubs and Societies

Canada:Canaan Club of Ontario
Finland:The Canaan Dog Club of Finland
Great Britain:The British Canaan Dog Society
:The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom
USA:Israel Canaan Dog Club of America
:The Canaan Dog Club of America
:Northern California Canaan Dog Fanciers
:Southern Classic Canaan Dog Club


Germany:Ben Noach, Marlies Menge
Canada:J.K. Kennels, Genny Landis
Finland:Sanchaan's Canaan Dogs, Sari Alanko
France:Solemel, Laurence Ariès
Great Britain:Babrees Canaan Dogs, Jill & Ian Terry
 :Canaan Dogs of Anacan, Ellen & Richard Minto
Italy:Velikaya's, Isabella Zirri
USA:Cherrysh Canaan Dogs, Cheryl & Jerry Hennings
 :Mazel Tov Canaan Dogs, Catherine & Craig Oskow
 :Renegade Canaan Dogs, Renee & Ivan Kent
 :MidSummer Canaan Dogs, Victor & Wendy Sanchez
 :Ha'Aretz Canaan Dogs, Bryna Comsky
 :HaTikva Canaans, Alla Geretz
 :River Rock, Chris Miller
 :Tahoe Canaan Dogs, Robin Prince

Other sites

Great Britain:Caoilta Canaan Dogs & German Spitz
Israël:Yigal Pardo, photographe

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