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The Canaan Club de France presents a DVD that has been designed with the collaboration of Myrna Shiboleth, the world leader of the Canaan Dog. This DVD is meant for Judges, breeders, owners, veterinarians, canine specialists, and all the people who are interested in the Canaan Dog.
Myrna Shiboleth is settled in Israël. She worked with the founder of the breed, the professor Rudolphina Menzel, and led on the rings numbers of Canaans Dogs she bred in her own kennel, Shaar Hagai.

Universally recognized as being the safeguard of the Canaan Dog, the primitive dog of the Middle East, she is the author of reference works on the breed, as the book "The Israel Canaan Dog".

In agreement with her and in accordance with its missions, The Canaan Club of France doesn't make any benefit on this publication.

DVD - Introduction to the Canaan Dog

(DVD Video Pal - 00h45- Stereo - Multizone - Language : English, by Myrna Shiboleth)

This DVD is illustrated with more than 100 photographs. It shows the lecture given by Myrna Shiboleth on June 19, 2004, during the French Championship in Nantes (France). On this occasion, she wanted to make the French judges, breeders and owners aware of the precautions to be taken so that Canaan Dog remains true to its origins: i.e. a dog shaped for survival, armed with natural and original characteristics.

In introduction, she places the Canaan in relation to the history of the dog in general, and to the other paria dogs in the world. Subsequently she introduces the most important characteristics of the breed that should be preserved. Lastly, she makes the assessment of how the breed type is tending to diverge in different countries.

Chapters :
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Paria dogs in the world
  • 3. The Canaan Dog in the wild
  • 4. History of the Canaan Dog
  • 5. Juging the Canaan Dog
  • 6. Head and expression
  • 7. Body and construction
  • 8. Coat and Color
  • 9. Movement
  • 10. The Canaan Dog around the world
  • 11. Temperament and character
Lecturer : Myrna Shiboleth - Photographs : Myrna Shiboleth, Yigal Pardo, Isabella Zirri, Sari Alanko - Translation into French : Sibylle Ariès - Shooting and editing : Stéphane Demortain - DVD authoring : Isabelle Demortain - Production : Canaan Club de France, 2005, with courtesy of Myrna Shiboleth.

If you have an interest in this DVD, please contact the club secretary for further information and sales terms relative to your country.

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